Frequently Asked Questions

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The recommended dose for tubal blockage is 4 packs of Feloklear Capsule for 60 days

You can either shop directly on our website and get the products at very discounted prices when you buy the full treatment kit or you can click on partners near you to find or buy from one of our partners within you.

Our products begin to work from 30-90 days

Just click on become a distributor and follow the simple instructions, it takes few minutes to sign-up as a partner/distributor.

We are gradually expanding our reach. More pharmacies are getting to know about our brands as we increase the awareness for our brands. Anytime you find it difficult getting our products and we currently don’t have a partner in your city, it is a business opportunity waiting for you.

FreeFlow Capsule aids in the management of major PCOS disorders and hence has helped many PCOS patients achieve fertility and pregnancy

Fertility is a two way thing. In most cases, women trying to conceive undergo fertility check-ups alone. We encourage both parties to undergo thorough fertility checkup. In a case whereby you both have gone for proper fertility check and yet, nothing was found to be the cause of your inability to conceive (unexplained infertility), we would recommend that you call our natural fertility expert on +2349039734001 for further consultation.

Our products are carefully researched and formulated with 100% active herbal ingredients known to be highly effective. We also conduct extensive clinical researches on our brands as you can see here (clinical studies) or (consumer feedbacks)

Once pregnancy is confirmed, we advise you stop our products that you are taking. Our products are not to be used by pregnant women.

Our products will not affect your pregnancy at that stage. However, we recommend that since our products are not prenatal drugs, once pregnancy is confirmed, do well to stop the use of our drugs.

Yes, we do. It’s called FreeFlow Capsule for Men or OligoCapsule and it helps enhance the three major sperm parameters (sperm count, motility and morphology) within 90 days. We recommend that women using our products to achieve pregnancy should also get the male products to enhance the man’s fertility and chances of getting her pregnant.

Perhaps, you are having hormonal imbalance. We recommend that you undergo hormonal profile to ascertain that. However, to correct such condition, we recommend using 4 packs of FreeFlow Capsule for 90 days. For more details visit the prescription guide page.

Some individuals just hear about the good works our products are doing or because a friend used one or two bottles and they got results, then they assume it will also work same way for them. Body systems differ and we recommend that you read through our prescription page or talk to one of our experts before ordering our products.

This is basically to allow your body system absorb more of the products active ingredients before pregnancy occurs half-way which in most cases lead to miscarriage. Another reason for this is to also ensure that even if your partner is infected, you won’t be immediately re-infected. Observing this has helped more consumers achieve pregnancy faster.  We recommend using condoms if your partner will not be able to comply for the 30 days abstinence rule.

If you are a diabetic, ulcer, HIV or hypertensive patient, we advise that you always space one hour before taking our products or your routine drugs.

Once the powder in capsule is taken another way, the mechanism of action is altered. We therefore recommend you take the capsule as recommended using warm or room temperature water. I recognize the fact that the capsule appears strong but it take 3-5 minutes to dissolve once swallowed and please ensure you take enough water once you swallow the capsules.

Yes you can take them together but ensure you swallow one or two capsules per time and not putting all into your mouth at same time.

FreeFlow for men has effective ingredients that boost libido and enhance erection and improve sexual stamina in men.

We are still researching on this and so at the moment, we don’t have any standard medicine for fibroid. However, if you are diagnosed of fibroid and you’re trying to conceive, talk to one of our doctors and let’s see how best we can assist you.

Organic products are curative and not management drugs and so they address problems from their root cause and this requires longer time to achieve that.

Currently yes but we are seriously looking for partners/distributors in LONDON and USA

Our products all come with plain/transparent capsules

Yes, we are releasing a new product for prostate enlargement before the end of 2019

This depends on when your fertile period will be. For proper consultation, please reach out to us via our customer care lines for free consultation.

Yes, you can take our drugs with any vitamin or supplements.

Please read through the Prescription Guide page or call us to speak with one of our doctors for proper prescription/consultation

It does not treat Fibroid nor increase Fibroid when consumed by women with fiborid

Absolutely. It does not negatively affect you or your menstrual cycle.

No. Once pregnancy is confirmed, kindly stop the drugs

Our products are curative but however, if you have PCOS, we recommend that you use the 90 days dose every 6 months.

Due to the fact that the drug tries to regulate your hormones and menstruation, for the first month of using FreeFlow Capsule, some women notice delay and shift in their menstrual cycle in the first month of using FreeFlow Capsule

No, it does not treat Staphylococcus

Absolutely. In fact, we advise you to be proactive about your health instead of being reactive. The conditions you refuse to resolve today eventually resort to bigger problems tomorrow.

Please go through our clinical studies as well as our consumer feedbacks to see how good our products are.

We ship globally via DHL and it takes within 5-7 working days to anywhere in the world

Yes, you can. It does not impair ovulation/pregnancy.

On this condition, it is 50/50 chances but you can still try the product as we have seen it work for women of up to 49 years.

You're welcome onboard. Just click the become a distributor page and fill the required details to sign-up

When you buy our products, you will see a scratch and verify code. Follow the instructions to confirm the authenticity of your product. ONLY AVAILABLE IN NIGERIA.

This would have altered your treatment and may require that you use extra one bottle to make up for the 2 weeks.

If you get an error message and you are in Nigeria, please call +2348096688001 to report the complaint. Please note that this service is only available in Nigeria

Our products are nutraceutical drugs and not just supplements

AfrOganiks is not yet into any form of MLM.

Absolutely, you can pay for your products and shipping via our online shop.

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