Just a couple of years back a couple you had a lot of expectations. This isn’t going to be a problem! You envisage a perfect home - taking your kid (s) to the field to play, telling them bedtime stories, watching your boy play sports, discussing with hubby about future plans for your little girl etc. Few years have passed and it’s not what you expected. Your doctor is talking gibberish! First, you deny reality. You’re angry and you want everyone to feel your pain, although you know they can’t. Now you’re bargaining – I just want to know how this feels. You can give an arm to have a baby.
Infertility is one of life’s very difficult challenges. The uncertainty, pain, and frustration that accompany it sometimes make it unbearable. It is easy to fall into depression watching all your hopes of getting pregnant and giving birth get dashed.
Your anger and feelings of despair are completely normal. What isn’t normal is that these negative emotions aren’t helpful to you or your spouse. It can ruin your relationship with your spouse or even family and friends. Dwelling on this attitude makes you live a defeated life and eats you up slowly. Your stress levels, mood, and sleep quality are a reflection of this.
So how do lighten up in these challenging times? Flip the script on infertility! Feel those negative emotions if you must, and move with your life. The way we think can impact the way we feel; so, you are better off redirecting the energy spent on negative thinking to more productive things. Relinquish the negative thoughts that constantly pop up in your head and adjust your thought pattern. Here are a few tips to help you flip the script:

  • “I have a problem”
    Instead of thinking about this, consider what you can do to improve your fertility. We’re much happier when we focus on the things we can control. Exercise, medication, nutrition, yoga, medication, sleep habits can all boost your fertility level as well as suppress depression.


  • “Conception is just not for me”
    It’s far from easy dealing with negative pregnancy test results month after month. What’s even harder is trying to convince yourself that you’ll get pregnant eventually. However, this is what you should do. It’s okay to be upset, but right afterward, convince yourself that the next month will bring a positive result. Remind yourself how much of a great mom/dad you’ll be.
    Bear in mind that you can still have a baby through other means outside natural or IVF. Adoption! Yes. There are so many beautiful lovelies out there waiting to call you mum/dad. Don’t ever let the circumstances surrounding your fertility prevent you from having a great life.
    Flip the script today!


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